Christian Niccoli

Christian Niccoli makes extremely compelling and concise films. For the exhibition »Certainty.Vision« we have selected three films to be shown together for the first time in this context and in such close proximity. The fresh constellation constituted by the installation of these video works will emphasize and lyrically condense the contemporary significance of the theme of this exhibition.

»The Collective Weight«

This video shows metaphorically and abstractly how individuals – who do not know one another – come together to relieve the burden of doubt and suffering. Thus they share a collective sorrow.


This video loop metaphorically displays the complexity of human interaction and how we collectively count on each other. The five figures stand together on a rola bola, a kind of balance board familiar from the circus. The participants have to work together and to trust each other absolutely, otherwise the structure will topple. In his motions, each individual is responsible for all the others.